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Intro to Sleep: Basic Polysomnography

The Intro to Sleep: Basic Polysomnography course is designed to introduce current basic techniques for sleep study. It will cover a general history of sleep medicine as well as definitions of diagnosis process for and treatment of sleep disorders. The basic 10/20 system, proper patient interaction and basic equipment knowledge will also be covered. Class size is limited for greater instructor access by the student. Medical and affiliated professionals interested in becoming a sleep technologist will benefit from this course. This course is A-STEP accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and a certificate will be issued upon successful completion.

Course length: 80 hours

Price: $3,000

Dates offered:

May 2-13, 2011  
July 11-22, 2011  
Oct 17-28, 2011
 Start time: 9am all classes  

Most asked questions:

Q: When the class is done, am I certified in performing sleep studies?     
A: You will receive a certificate in completion of the A-STEP introductory course, there is a national registry exam, and you can find the guidelines at

Q: Is there any guarantee of employment with our company when the class is finished?
A: No

Q: After the class, am I able to sit for the sleep study exam?
A: Please reference website

Q: What is the school's success rate for students taking the class?
A: Since we have begun with the nationally accredited program, we strive to ensure that all of the students excel in the program and in their future careers in sleep.

Q: The fee of $3000.00 includes books and supplies?
A: Yes.






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